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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

My first attempt at doll carving: Hitty


Wood Hitty_1I’ve wanted a real wooden Hitty doll since I first read Hitty: Her First 100 Years, by Rachel Field.  I had (well still do) an issue of Doll Reader in the early ‘90s that featured Robert Raikes line of Hitty dolls as well as those by other doll artists’ and I desperately coveted them. 

I had tried my hand at woodcarving before, but ended up carving more of my fingers than the actual wood.  However, I have recently been introduced to the wonder tool that is the Dremel.  So, donning a pair of safety goggles and a dust mask I went to work turning a block of pine into my very own Hitty. 

The base pieces, the body, arms, and legs were cut using scroll saw, then individually dremeled (is that a word?) using variety of different dremel heads into their final form.  Then each finished piece was sanded with increasing fine grit sandpaper and buffed with a canvas cloth. 

Hitty was assembled using wooden pegs (no glue or nails) then lightly stained and painted with the same minimalist style as the illustrations from Rachel Field’s book.  A final polish with beeswax for varnish, and I think she turned out pretty well.

Well here she is-assembled, stained and painted. 


  1. Hello from spain: I just discovered your blog and I think It is original and different. The doll was fine wood carving. I like the kitchen cabinet that Barbie you made. I have a blog dedicated to the Barbie I invite you to visit. If you want to keep in touch with blog blog

  2. Thank you so much Marta! I would love to visit your blog :-)

  3. Okay, Winscolt House, it's high time for another post!!!

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