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Friday, July 23, 2010

Winscolt House: Pre-renovation

Winscolt House, is as you can see not actually a dollhouse.  The house itself is a generic 6' tall bookcase.  I am not quite sure how I managed to get it into my car and up the flight of stairs into may apartment--but somehow I managed.

I admire the intricate dollhouses that actually, well, look like houses, but a bookcase affords so much more space and accessibility. (Incidentally,  for large dolls such as American Girl,  card tables make excellent two-story houses).  

As you can see, the primary occupants of Winscolt House, are not traditional dollhouse dolls.  Most of its occupants are vintage Dawn dolls (1970s fashion dolls by the Topper Co.) or contemporary clones.  

This summer, I decided Winscolt House needed a makeover.  So, I packed up the furniture and accessories and got started.
My primary goals were to (1) Add more rooms by eliminating the yard on the lowest floor (2) wire the house for electricity (3) Re-paper all the rooms (I use scrapbook paper since it's cheaper and has a greater variety than traditional dollhouse wall-paper).

So far, the renovations are progressing well--though as with life-size remodels, finishing within a reasonable time period is not likely to happen.